• The Bow-knot Element Gives You Inspiring for 2020 Spring
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    The Bow-knot Element Gives You Inspiring for 2020 Spring

    The bow-knot element is easy to be used because of its classic. But in the creative mind of the girls, even a bow-knot can change countless forms. Many shoes use the element of bows-knot, but their creativity is more beautiful and classic. With the advent of the spring day, fashionable ladies on the street also put on items with bow-knot elements on their dressing and scarves. So today I will give you an inventory of how to put on the bow in a new way in 2020.   I wonder if you get this element. Wear this classic bow-knot element and bring you a whole spring of romance.

  • 23 Simple and Amazing Nail Ideas for 2020 Spring
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    23 Simple and Amazing Nail Ideas for 2020 Spring

    Girls are liking cherry, peach, and white magnolia blooming one after another in the Spring. Why not take advantage of Spring starts from nails? The styles and pictures of the nail shop will never keep up with the trends in your mind, so look at the patterns and colors that are daily and match this season! Meet your friends and drink afternoon tea for beautiful nails!

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    Small Tips to Decor Your Nail Salon Shop

    Nail salon shops are often small in size, so how to make reasonable use of space to make it beautiful and reasonable in space layout? It has become a problem for many nail shop owners. An exquisite and comfortable nail shop can give people a warm feeling while also making the business more prosperous. So what are the main points when designing a nail shop? Let’s take a look together!

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    40+ Stylish Ways to Wear Scarves

    Although the scarf is one of the must-have accessories in our wardrobe, when it comes to it, the first thing that comes to our mind for many of us is the stewardess and the props that mothers use when taking photos. Do you have that? Actually, the silk scarf is really too versatile, a suit of clothes, with different ways of tying the scarf, that feeling is completely different. Especially in Spring, a silk scarf is very necessary. First of all, the street photos of European and American stars wearing silk scarves are really very common. Go out and buy a cup of coffee to enrich the simple shape with…